A very quick Q&A today following a query by a RentCentral user:


I’ve just been reimbursed £133 by my tenant for the cost of a carpet replacement (the original had nail varnish spilled on it). How should I record this in RentCentral?




Dear EP,

Thanks for the question. I’m assuming this payment was made direct to you, and was not a deposit deduction at the end of a tenancy. If that’s the case, you should record the payment as a negative expense:

  1. Go to TransactionsAdd manual transaction (or add a new explanation to  an uploaded statement entry)
  2. Select the property in question
  3. Select the same category as the original cost of the carpet replacement (probably Repairs, maintenance and renewals)
  4. Record the refund as a negative value (in this case £-133)

Now the original cost (£133) and the refund (£-133) will balance out to show that you’ve not incurred any costs because of this stain.

If this payment was part of a returned deposit, RentCentral gives you the ability to record how much deposit was returned and what deductions you’ve applied. Go to Tenancies->Details->Deposit->Return deposit to tenant to get started with this process.

Now this is all straight, go do something more exciting!