Overdue-rentRentCentral has always been a great tool for¬†keeping track of your incoming rent (the clue’s in the name), but it’s just got a bit better.

The dashboard page has been updated to show you the top four overdue tenancies – sorted by value – as well as the total number of tenancies in arrears.

There’s also a link to the tenancies page, where a new tab (‘Rent overdue’) shows all tenancies with unpaid rents – as well as the total value of the arrears – all in one place.

Now it’s time to start calling in those debts!

New Pro Packages

Following demand from some of our clients with larger portfolios, we’re now offering a number of new Pro packages.

The new Pro 100 and Pro 200 plans can track 100 or 200 properties respectively, perfect if you’re into a little light world domination.

As with other Pro plans, it’s possible to separate your properties into multiple portfolios and control which administrators can see which portfolios. This is particularly handy for the larger plans as there’s a good chance you’ll have admin assistants to help you with your bookkeeping.

Pro 200 plans work out at only £0.75 per property per month Рgreat value for such a easy-to-use, comprehensive system.

Oh, and did we mention that we’ve been shortlisted for the Landlord & Lettings Awards?