RentCentral immune to HeartBleed bug

2016-11-14T19:42:05+01:00April 11th, 2014|

Recent news reports have highlighted a security flaw which may have compromised data security in some popular websites. This flaw has been nicknamed HeartBleed  - read more about it on Wikipedia. We'd like to reassure our users that RentCentral has not been affected by this bug, as we don't support the vulnerable HeartBeat SSL extension. [...]

Additional rent period options and UX updates

2016-11-14T19:42:05+01:00April 3rd, 2014|

RentCentral has been able to handle monthly and weekly rentals for ages, but it's now capable of working with a much wider variety of options. The rent period (or frequency) reflects how often you expect to receive rent from your tenant. It's a fundamental element of a tenancy agreement, and the most popular options are [...]

Net rent payments: How to record payments that have had deductions

2014-03-28T10:33:23+01:00March 28th, 2014|

If you're using the services of a letting agent, you'll often be paid net rent - that is the rent left over after the agent has taken their commission. Recording net rent (the rent left over after the agent has taken their commission) in RentCentral is simple and easy - but a quick walk-though never [...]

Part-ignoring bank statement entries

2016-11-14T19:42:05+01:00March 26th, 2014|

The full-fat RentCentral Pro plan allows users to upload bank statements in OFX, QIF and CSV format, supporting nearly all UK banks. Not every landlord will have a dedicated account just for their property business, so personal transactions (the night at the opera) and business transactions (the drain cleaner and the carpet fitter) can all [...]

System updates: Yield figures, payment schedules and more

2016-11-14T19:42:05+01:00March 12th, 2014|

February and March have been crazy busy at RentCentral towers, but we've managed to find time to fit in a huge new package of updates. Many thanks to all our users who have provided valuable feedback on the system - and hello to the new ones. Highlights New import system for Landlord Property Manager data [...]

Filing your renovation costs correctly

2016-11-14T19:42:05+01:00February 5th, 2014|

A good question from a RentCentral user that I thought would be worth sharing with a wider audience. If you've got any questions or queries, please drop me a note to To: From: T <> Subject: New account - need some help Hi, I opened up a free account with you yesterday, just [...]