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It's the final day of RentCentral BootCamp!

In case you missed the action so far:

  • In BootCamp day 1, we set up a property and recorded some mortgage details.
  • In BootCamp day 2, go went through the process of adding a new tenancy and viewing tenancy details.
  • BootCamp day 3 was all about recording transactions.

This final BootCamp is all about the RentCentral calendar and the Tax worksheet

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BootCamp day 4: The calendar

Keeping track of all the important events in your property business can be tough. It's easy to forget to renew the house insurance, and when does the gas safety certificate expire?

Getting this wrong can land you in a lot of legal hot water.

To help keep on top of this in RentCentral, you should turn to the built-in calendar. Let's look at how it works:

As you enter information into RentCentral, events are automatically added to the built-in calendar. Here's some examples of those events:

  • Days on which rent payments are due
  • Start and finish dates for tenancies
  • Days on which ASTs will finish, as well as reminders if you need to serve Section 21 documents
  • Significant tax dates for UK self assessment tax returns

In addition to these automatically-generated events, you can add your own events, just like in a normal diary. Events you may want to add yourself:

  • Renewal dates for insurance policies
  • Expiry dates for gas/electrical certificates
  • End of mortgage discount periods

To add an event, select 'Calendar' from the top menu and then use the arrows to navigate to the correct year/month. Click on the correct day and you'll be able to create a new event.

Getting it out of the system

Having a calendar is all well and good, but it's best if it alerts you when necessary. To make sure you don't miss important dates, you should consider one of our Pro plans.

Pro plans include an iCal feed, which means you can feed all your RentCentral calendar entries into your current calendar application - for example on your iPhone or iPad, on your Android phone or in Outlook. This means you don't need to log in to RentCentral regularly to check your calendar - your calendar will come to you instead.

iPhone alert

The tax worksheet

While we're talking about Pro plans, we should mention the Tax worksheet. This feature will compile the figures you'll need to complete the property section of your self-assessment tax return (also known as the SA105 form). Nearly every private UK landlord has to complete this every year, and RentCentral can help you get it right - as well as providing a drill-down of all the figures so you (or your accountant) can check the details.

Tax worksheet

For full details of RentCentral Pro plans, take a look at the features table and the pricing plans.

Right, that's it!

You've completed the RentCentral BootCamp and are now officially a RentCentral Guru!

We hope that this has been useful and informative. Don't forget you can get more information on the FAQs page, or email contact@rentcentral.co.uk if you've got any queries.

Oh, and here's your cut-out-and-keep official prize...