Tenancy records are a mix of property information, tenant information, dates and values. Finding the one your looking for (especially in a long list) can be tricky.

Here at RentCentral towers we’ve had endless stand-up meetings, focus groups and toolbox talks to try and crack this issue, and today we’re announcing an update to help you keep your agreements in order.

We knew from user feedback (thanks for that, keep it coming) that scanning through a long list of tenancy agreements was a frustrating experience, so we’ve made it a bit easier to find the tenancy agreement you’re after.

Tenancies are now split across three tabs:

  • Active tenancies – those which are currently running
  • Upcoming tenancies – those which are scheduled, but haven’t started yet
  • Finished tenancies – where the tenancy has finished and the tenant has moved out

In addition, we’ve introduced three new icons to help illustrate the state of a tenancy:


(if you can’t work out which is which, let us know and we’ll fire the designer)


We’ve also added little tenancy counters, so it’s easy to see what tenancies are available without having to click through all the tabs – and the whole system works beautifully on small screens, including smartphones and tablets.

In fact, did we mention that the whole of RentCentral has been engineered to work on all sorts of devices? We did? OK then.

As before, you can filter tenancies by property, or by tenant, so finding the agreement you’re after – even if you have hundreds – should be simpler and quicker than ever.

Sometimes it’s the little things…

Have a good weekend! 

The new tenancy listing page, full-width

Tenancy listing for small screens