SAThe final hurrah of the 2013-14 tax year looms, and tonight is the last chance to submit your self-assessment tax return before you’re going to be hit with penalty charges and interest.

However, in the face of all this doom, RentCentral can ride to the rescue:

Get a free, Core account today and you’ll be able to start a 30-day Pro plan trial, which includes auto-calculation of the SA105 (Property) section of your tax return. You can also upload bank statements and get your books in order so you’ll be able to avoid the pressure, stress and sleepless nights this time next year.

Core plans are free, the 30-day Pro plan trial is free and you can delete your account any time you like without having to write long letters and put them in the post. You’ve got nothing to lose but the headaches!

Note: RentCentral is not qualified to give medical advice. Your headaches may be due to other causes. We can’t help sort out your private life or children.