We’ve just released the latest updates to RentCentral and there’s no point doing it if you’re not going to tell someone about it, so here goes:

statsNew: Occupancy statistics

This is one of the most-requested features from our users, and is often called Void analysis – although we prefer the more positive-sounding Occupancy statistics.

Pro users can now view occupancy statistics for all their properties. If the property has been split into individual rooms or flats, you’ll be able to see how each separate unit is doing, as well as how the whole property performs.

Occupancy statistics will also highlight periods when you didn’t own the property in question – where either you hadn’t yet bought it, or you sold it half way though the year.

You can also head back through your records and see how your portfolio has been performing over time – maybe you’ll be able to track the economic recovery through your portfolio!

Occupancy statistics are available to Pro users by going to Properties – (select property) – Details tab.

Revised deposit return system

We’re also re-vamped the way deposits get returned to tenants.

RentCentral users can now record deposits returned from both custodial protection schemes (such as the DPS), and deposits they’ve held onto while using insurance scheme (such as myDesposits).

It’s also possible to make multiple deposit deductions, as well as add explanation text – this all makes the Deposit statement easier to understand for both you and your (ex-)tenant.

If your a Pro user and are returning an insured deposit, you can add explanations to relevant bank entries so everything ties up nicely.

Get started with deposit returns by selecting the Return deposit to tenant option from the category section when adding a new transaction.

User interface improvements


Our never-ending quest for the perfect user interface continues.

We’ve introduced a new shield logo to differentiate between Pro and Core features. We hope it helps Core users differentiate between the functions they have available right now, and those available only on Pro plans.

If you’re already a Pro user, you won’t see any of this as you’re already enjoying the full-fat Pro plan goodness!